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Learn why resistance bands with isometrics will condition your muscles for speed quickly and in ways that weights and plyometrics can not.

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Getting faster in your 40 yard dash is actually a lot easier than most athletes believe. If you have struggled to lower your 40 times and are frustrated with your efforts, it's not your fault.

Many speed training programs that are taught today adhere to the notion of 'no pain, no gain'. That strategy will work to get your muscles stronger, but when it comes to getting faster muscles, you will always be disappointed.

We challenge you to find a speed training program anywhere that delivers better results in less time then the one exercise demonstrated in the video on this page.

After doing this 1 simple 3-minute exercise for two weeks you will be faster than ever before.

Does this sound too easy?

Well, believe it or not, you will quickly and dramatically lower your 40 times - even if you think you are at your best right now!

Your coaches, scouts and teammates will be totally amazed and you will leave your opponents in the dust!

And it gets even better - this is just 1 of the 10 exercises in the Run Faster Speed Training Program.

After doing the other 9 exercises you will be even faster because you will be training all the muscles used in sprinting as well as muscles for side to side, lateral movements.

How To Get Faster and Quicker in All Your Sports Skills

Results Others Are Getting

Speed Training and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Why You Are Not Getting Faster

Some Results Submitted

Fastest SDU Athletes Lower 40 times by nearly .1 seconds in 1 week.
Speed Training Challenge
Jevon Bowman
Head Strength &
Conditioning Coach
at South Dakota Univ.
"When I first got the program I was skeptical but willing to use it. I was also hopeful because “speed kills” and anything that helps our athletes get faster is great!

I was thinking there was no way this can work to make our people faster; it seemed so basic and easy but after reading more into it I was like, “this makes a lot of sense”.

So I put our elite athletes on it at first, guys that were already fast. We did the program first thing in the morning, 6 AM. The Run Faster program was very easy and simple to add in to our existing training routines and so it did not interfere with our other training, which was good. The players liked doing it; they like anything that might make them faster, especially our skill players!

At first some of the players were sore after using the program because it was new to them but after the 1st week things got better for them. I have to say that none of our athletes have ever done this type of training before and they were all very excited to try it.

The thing I liked is that it only took about a week for our athletes to feel a difference.

We had ten of our elite guys try it and their average time in the 40 dropped .082 seconds and again this was after only about a week!

Mind you they were already fast so this is big for them!

Since we are approaching summer at this time, the athletes will continue to do the program in their discretionary time. We plan to continue to use the program and also plan to incorporate this speed program into all our other sports here at the University of South Dakota. "

Jevon Bowman M.A., CSCS, RSCC
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of South Dakota

Mark Parson - NFL Cornerback
"I Ran My Fastest 40 Ever"
Speed Training Challenge
Mark Parson
NFL Cornerback
"I paid less than $45 for this program and ran my fastest 40 ever in a few days.

I can only say that I am thankful to Dr. Van Such for helping me extend my NFL career longer than what it would have been by creating this program for me and for helping my NFL buddies who all use it.

If you are looking for how to run faster you have found it."

Mark Parson
NFL Cornerback - New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans
Amazed at Increase In Speed
Speed Training Challenge
"I've have been wanting to become a running back for my football team and had trouble increasing my speed. I did many strength exercises like leg presses, leg extensions, and leg curls. I did get results in muscle size, but not that increase of speed.

So, I went to youtube and watched the Speed Challenge video and did the thigh flexor exercise and I found quick results in my 40 yard dash! This increase in speed in so little time amazed me!"
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 5.27
After Time   : 4.90
10 yard dash:
Before Time: 1.43
After Time   : 1.21

Chris A. - Atco, NJ
Drops 40 by .2 After Quad Injury and Not Lifting Weights
Speed Training Challenge
"I started the speed training exercises looking for another opportunity to help get myself over the hump of hitting the next gear when it comes to reaching my top end speed.

I am coming off a quad injury and have been unable to lift weights and perform exercises like I have been in the past with my football program.

I tried out the band exercises for 2 weeks and saw an immediate decrease in my 40 yard dash time by .2 seconds, from 4.7 to a 4.5. All within a couple weeks!.

Of course I was amazed by such results, especially since I have always been used to intense weight lifting workouts and speed training from my colleges coaches to increase speed. But this has proven to be very valuable."
40 yard dash:
Before Time : 4.7
After Time    : 4.5

James Thabuteau - Chicago, Il.
Cornerback - Truman State Univ.
High School Star Drops 40 to 4.41
Speed Training Challenge
"My name is Adam Thomas and I go to Eagle's View Academy in Jacksonville, FL.

I am a senior that has graduated and I am on my way to playing college football this upcoming season for Methodist University.

I have started to use your Speed Training,from June 1 to June 15, which has drastically dropped my 40 yard dash time from a 4.56 to a "MOVING" 4.41.

I thank you, and you have blessed me and prepared me better for the next level."
40 Yard Dash:
Before Time: 4.56
After Time    : 4.41

Adam Thomas - Jacksonville, FL
People Don't Believe How Fast This Makes You
Speed Training Challenge
"My friend introduced the 2 week speed challenge to me. And like most people who are going to read this they won't belive how fast it makes you. I thought the idea of 3 minutes a day wouldn't give great results, though when I was timed by my coach 2 weeks later I ran .18 seconds faster. Every hundredth of a second counts. Not only did my 40 yard sprint increase but I noticed my agility increased a lot too. Thank you for the great 2 week speed challenge. Can't wait to do the rest of the workouts."
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 4.9
After Time    : 4.72

Adrian H. - Massachusetts
Drops 40 by .3 to 4.35
Speed Training Challenge
"This speed program is UNBELIEVABLE!

After doing the speed challenge exercise for two weeks, I came from running a 4.65 in the 40 yard dash to 4.35 on the track with spikes.

I also didn't think that I was running 40 yard dash, I thought that I was running a 30 yard dash because the results were so AMAZING. Until my friend and I discovered that it was 40 yard dash that I was running. I can't wait to see my time in the 40 yard dash on the football field with cleats.

Thank you, your speed program has been a blessing."
40 Yard Dash:
Before Time: 4.65
After Time    : 4.35

Josh Harrison - Florida
Trying to Get Back His Speed - Now Has Hope
Speed Training Challenge
"I ran a 4.6 forty yard dash as a junior in highschool. Now after two years in college I'm running a high 4.8 so I am looking to get back to my former speed so that Ii can possibly walk on a football team.

After two weeks i am seeing my time drop and now I think I can get it all the way back down to maybe a 4.5. Thanks for offering the Run Faster Program. I think it is really going to work for me."
40 Yard Dash:
Before Time: 4.88
After Time    : 4.79

John - Odenville, AL
Was Doing All Kinds of Training - Now Sees Dramatic Speed Gains
Speed Training Challenge
"Hi my name is emmanuel. I'm a freshman and I play football and run track. And I just want to thank you for this program. Speed is something that I was gifted with but I was never satisfied with my speed.

I've been doing all kinds of speed training in the past, but nothing like this. I took the 2 week challenge and after the 2 weeks I have seen a dramatic increase in my 40 and 100m. Thank you very much. Keep doing what you're doing. God bless you."
40 Yard Dash:
Before Time: 4.9
After Time    : 4.61

Emmanuel E. - Maple Grove, MN
Feels Great and Much Faster
Speed Training Challenge
"I was really doubtful that this program would work, but when I finally tried it, it felt great. I feel so much faster. I've gone from an 11.9 to an 11.5 and can't wait to get the whole package and see how much faster I get."

100 meter dash:
Before Time: 11.9
After Time    : 11.5

David B. - Elk Grove Village, IL
"Thank you very much for introducing the 2 week challenge, the challenge has improved my 40 from a 6.85 to an incredible 5.17. Thank you so much once again and i hope to start the full program soon!!! !"
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 6.85
After Time    : 5.17
100 meter dash:
Before Time: 15:46
After Time    : 11:72

Patrick B. - Toronto
Hundred Time Drops .8 Seconds
"I had visited the AthleticQuickness.com website a couple of times, and was very interested. I googled the site and found this Challenge. I also subscribed to the Speed Training lessons.

I tried the exercise and in just one week found that my hundred time dropped from almost 8 tenths of a second!!!

This has been a mind blowing increase for me as I have always been trying to get fast. My 400 time also dropped. This one exercise has completely changed me as an athlete!!! These times are after just one week of using the program.

Anybody wants to get fast, USE THIS PROGRAM. I play rugby and this will help me immensely. Thank You AthleticQuickness.com!!!! "
100 meter dash:
Before Time: 12.67
After Time    : 11.99
400 meter dash:
Before Time: 66.80
After Time    : 63.11

R. B. - Indonesia
Faster 40 and 100 and Breaks Long Jump Record by 12 inches in 2 weeks
Speed Training Challenge
"Recently I've been trying to increase my speed for school track and field. On google I found the 2 week challenge. So i did the exercise and after 2 weeks i found my 40 yard time had gone from 5.62 to 5.35 and my 100m time had gone from 14.4 to 13.45. Also a week through this program and I beat my schools long jump record by 12 inches. I can't thank you enough..."
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 5.62
After Time    : 5.35
100 meter dash:
Before Time: 14.4
After Time    : 13.45

Jonathon C. - England
Break Away Speed in Football
Speed Training Challenge
"Hey my name is Jason and I'm a sophomore in high school. My biggest problem in football was my break away speed and the 2 week challenge has begun to help me with which you can see in the improvement in my 40. As I went from a 4.9 to a 4.6"

40 yard dash:
Before Time: 4.9
After Time    : 4.6
100 meter dash:
Before Time: 12.1
After Time    : 11.8

Jason - Connecticut
Amazed at Results
"This is the most amazing program i have used. I was doubtful at first because it was too easy, but later on I saw the results."
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 4.72
After Time    : 4.41

Franchise - Texas
Now Wants To Get Back on Track Team
"Thanks a lot sir because of your speed training program i have decided to go back to my track team for next year in high school because me and my friends decided to go out in the field and test your program.

At begining i was very dissapointed with my time i felt so slow but then after the two weeks of your challenge my time in the 40 yard dash amazingly went down from a 6.17 to a 5.14. Ii am now the second fastest out of my friends."
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 6.17
After Time    : 5.14
100 meter dash:
Before Time: 14.55
After Time    : 11.26

Mohammed - Windsor, Ontario
"Really Works"
"This thing really works - i love yall"
40 yard dash:
Before Time: 5.66
After Time    : 5.14

Steve - Orlando, Florida

Free Speed Training Guide:
"#1 Workout For Faster Muscles In Record Time"

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How To Get Faster and Quicker in All Your Sports Skills

More AthleticQuickness.com Reviews

Why This Program Works

Isometrics with the Resistance Band For Speed

Your Challenge:
Run Your Fastest 40 Ever

Why Are You Still Not Fast Enough?

When you go to the gym, practice field or track as part of your training for running speed and then after a good amount of time working out and doing drills you may be thinking that you have done everything you possibly can to help you get faster, however the fact is you have left behind upwards of 50% of the muscles responsible for running faster.

In addition, the muscles you have been training are not making you faster as you may be hoping.

The proof is in the results. When was the last time you had a major breakthrough in your speed gains? How often have you been frustrated trying to get faster no matter how hard you worked at it?
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a definition of insanity
And yet athletes continue to go through the same rigorous workout routines time and time again hoping to get faster and occasionally they get a small gain in their speed which may or may not last.

And this happens to close to 100% of all athletes on all levels from high school to professionals; it doesn’t matter who they are or how hard they try.

There are perhaps several reasons why half the muscles involved in running go untouched.
Why half the muscles used in running are ignored
First, ALL gym equipment is designed to help an athlete with the PUSH PHASE of running only but there are actually two other phases to consider. Squat racks, hamstring curls, leg extensions, leg presses, glute kick backs, lunges, etc. all target the hip extensors, leg extensors and calf muscles. While these machines are helpful, the muscles they target are for the push phase only.

Second, ALL plyometric exercises do the same thing: box jumps, bounding exercises, steps, medicine ball workouts, etc. all target the same muscles except they add the element of motion to them. Good idea, but it won’t change anything much more than what you are already doing, and that is ‘overtraining’ the muscles involved in the push phase.

Third, training routines like running with a weight sled or a parachute tied around your waist is another good idea, but this still only targets the same push phase muscles that weights and plyometric exercises are already training.

Fourth, when it comes to sports, resistance bands are often used the same way as a weight sled or parachute. This is where the athlete ties the band around his waist and another athlete or trainer holds the band behind them as they try to run forward. Good idea, but no change in the muscles targeted which are all push phase muscles.

Do you see a pattern? All this effort is being put into only one phase of running. Could this be why athletes are frustrated with their attempts to get faster and why they end up believing we have to be born with speed?
The Ignored Muscles are the Strongest in the Body
What about the other muscles used in running speed?

The muscles I am talking about are the Psoas, Iliacus, Sartorius, Vastus Rectus, Pectineus, Adductor Longus and Addutor Brevis, otherwise known as your hip flexors.

These muscles as a group constitute the strongest muscle group in the body but in spite of their incredible inherent strength, they still go largely untrained by most athletes, including professionals.

Thigh Flexor Muscles
Thigh flexors or hip flexors.

Main function is to raise your thigh and swing it forward.

For instance, when was the last time YOU trained your ILIACUS MUSCLE? How about never!

Why is this important? Several reasons:

Why are Hip Flexors Crucial for Speed Gains?
First of all, the hip flexors determine your stride which is the part of the running process that determines how much ground you are going to take up when running, but that’s not all. Having a long stride is not nearly as effective as having a FAST LONG STRIDE.

Quick hip flexors help your body speed up your turnover rate, that is, to recycle the leg around in the running process. The quicker it recycles the faster you start to run.

Second, as you desire to become a complete athlete, try to think of your hip flexors as a bridge between your upper body and lower body.

These are long and incredibly strong muscles which enable your upper body to work in synch with your lower body. These muscles are crucial for maximum speed and athletic performance, yet still no one touches them.
Weak Hip Flexors Will Make You Slower
As an athlete you can have all the upper body strength and lower body strength in the world, but if they aren’t connected together with an equally strong set of hip flexors, you will always be weaker and slower than your true potential no matter how many squats, leg presses, box jumps or sled pulls you do.
Stronger Hip Flexors Will Make You Faster in Days
The good news is that every athlete, including top level professionals, has a huge potential of increasing their running speed in just a few days.

But you can’t get at these muscles with standard gym equipment. The only way I have found to effectively isolate and increase the speed of these muscles is with isometric training using the resistance band. No other workout is more effective at making these muscles faster.

The amount of time needed to train these muscles to show measurable improvements in your running speed is literally just minutes a day for just a few days a week.

This happens all the time and without exception.

With weak thigh flexors, your running speed will be significantly slower, more than you would imagine. With fast thigh flexor muscles you will be faster than ever before.

Even if you are currently in mid-season you could be setting new personal records in your speed within days. Your friends, coaches and teammates will be amazed - and you will explode past your opponents like never before!

If you have not used isometric training with the resistance band, the way we teach it, to your thigh flexor muscles, you have a huge reservoir of untapped muscular energy just waiting to be released - even if you think you are already fast enough!

By doing the speed training exercises the way we show you, you can’t help but improve your sports performance and stand out from the crowd, and run your fastest 40 ever!.

by Dr. Larry Van Such, D.C.
Muscle Speed Expert

"I'd just like to say that the RUN FASTER speed training exercises that I did last season worked!! Initially, they helped me take a second off my best 100m and 200m times.

I was ranked second in my state and in the Southern Track Classic I broke the 200m record set by an NFL Pro-bowler.

Thank you for coming up with this program. I recently bought two more sets of resistance bands, so expect more reports from me very soon."

Anthony Chesson - Virginia
(More Results...)

"I just wanted to say that I love this program. So far after one month I have greatly decreased my forty yard dash time. It has dropped from a 4.91 to an amazing 4.53! ... I recommend this program to any and everyone."

D.J. - South Pittsburgh>
(More Results...)

"Hi, i just recently ordered your run faster speed training program for my son. The results were amazing. Before your program my son ran a 5.43 40 yard dash. After just two weeks his time dropped to a BLAZING 5.00!! My son will continue to use this program. His goal is 4.87 and I know he will reach it. I will keep you posted."

K. Jackson - Phoenix, AZ
(More Results...)

Speed training, as the name implies, should be fast, and not take up much time!
One of the nice things about the Run Faster speed training program that most of our athletes report back to us about is that it only takes a total of about 15 minutes a day to complete. That’s it.

This allows them to seamlessly integrate the speed training strategies that you will learn here on this website right along with any other current training program they are involved with.

This is a big deal since most athletes, and perhaps most people, are on a tight schedule, whether it be with school, in their professional careers as well as for making time with their friends and families. There’s nothing better than getting your workouts completed in a very timely manner.

Coaches and trainers also like using the program for the same reason. In the past, it was difficult for them to get their athletes to add something extra to their existing routines, especially if it took a long time to complete.

But as most players and coaches know, ‘speed kills’ and if all it takes is simply putting in a few extra minutes a day to drop an extra .1 to .3 seconds of your 40, then who wouldn’t be motivated to try it?

Now as good as the 15 minutes a day sounds, perhaps an even bigger motivating factor to start using the Run Faster program is that results come fast.

By ‘fast’ we are talking about 14 days on the average. That’s really encouraging to say the least but it has also been the expectation for those who diligently apply themselves to the exercises.

And since results come that quickly, this means that you can start the training even in the middle of your season and expect to make an impact by your next game or two. That’s huge!

You would be hard pressed to find any other training strategy that can deliver results like this in less time.

In fact, that’s part of our challenge to you; to see if you can not only run your fastest 40 within 14 days, but to also see if you can find any other training strategy that can produce similar results in the same amount of time.

There’s lots of reasons to be excited about the program but it all starts with you taking the first step. Be sure to watch the video on this page and download the training instructions.

Also be sure to sign up for the free training booklet where you will get immediate access to our Speed Training Secret videos series where you will learn all about how to run faster!

by Dr. Larry Van Such, D.C.
Muscle Speed Expert
NFL Receiver Billy McMullin shocks quarterback with new speed after using Run Faster Speed Program
Run Faster in Days with the 15 Minute Speed Trainer
All 10 running Speed Exercises with Complete Instructions, Video Demos, Progress Charts, Workout Schedule, Resistance Bands and more!
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